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We offer versatile transportation options comprehensively throughout the entire country, including for challenging needs. Through us, you can easily access an extensive nationwide transportation network.

  • Express – Rapid deliveries to local areas in as little as an hour
  • Express 24 – Scheduled pick-up and delivery for the next morning across Finland
  • Express 48Delivery typically on the next business day

Pickup on the same day and door-to-door delivery. Our service is available in all major cities. For smaller towns, we implement custom-tailored deliveries based on customer needs.

Yhdistelemme eri kuljetusyhtiöiden palveluista tarpeitasi vastaavan toimitusketjun yhdellä helpolla tilauksella.


eSend Express

Transportation service solutions easily through a single order

Our skilled staff assesses and plans your transportation needs locally and, if necessary, nationwide in collaboration with your company.

Our eSendExpress® platform combines existing transportation modes into a customer-specific whole, considering the customer’s schedule requirements and other needs.

Our service saves costs and provides an efficient and modern transportation solution with a one-stop-shop principle. Shall we begin our collaboration today?

Should we create a transportation plan?

The transportation plan is built on identifying the current situation, assessing needs, and comparing solution possibilities for a tailored final resolution.

eSend’s solutions are suitable for managing both internal and external customer relationships, as well as solving the most demanding transportation needs. With our service, you can forget about constant clarification and negotiation with numerous stakeholders. Our strength lies in the principle of a one-stop-shop, which frees up time for handling billable tasks, both for you and your customers.

This is how we move forward


1. Mapping

Current situation and development needs


2. Transport plan

Solution tailored to your needs

3. Let's start cooperation

Service implementation

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