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Offer your customers express deliveries and revolutionise your customers’ buying experience!

eSend Express
eSend Express

eSendExpress® – Transport Service

Ordering transportation has never been this easy! eSendExpress® is suitable for quick individual transportation needs as well as for daily and regular use. Using the eSendExpress® system does not require minimum transport volumes or commitments with transportation companies – you only pay for completed deliveries.

eSendExpress® – Benefits of Transport Service

  • No commitments or fixed fees

    You only pay for the transports you order, which are invoiced monthly based on actual usage.

    Using the service does not incur additional costs.

  • Easy and fast to use

    The user-friendly service guides the sender through the order process at every stage.

    An informative and clear ordering process, along with fast delivery times, that enhance your company’s customer experience and thus help increase your sales.

    Real-time delivery tracking.

  • Delivery in as little as an hour

    When entering the order, the driver sees an optimised route for your transport. Choose same-day delivery or delivery on the desired day.

    eSendExpress® enables regional express delivery in as little as an hour!

  • Deliveries also for demanding transport needs

    eSend’s transport network consists of local transportation professionals, enabling transport from small packages to heavy or otherwise demanding goods.

eSendExpress® Service Solutions

Express Deliveries

Stand out from your competitors by offering your customers express deliveries.

Uninterrupted Tracking

Continuous and real-time tracking of shipments.

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience through an easy-to-use ordering portal.


Sales invoicing directly from the system. Easily integrates with existing financial management and CRM software.