Order, transport, and fleet management system

eSend Transport Manager™

eSend Transport Manager™ is the only fully automated transport order management, fleet management, and routing system. It includes efficient invoicing and integration capabilities with financial management systems.

eSend Transport Manager™ Software Solutions

  • Key functions in one system

    Overall efficiency increases when the system takes care of all manual tasks and functions are always performed with optimal resourcing.

  • Intelligent route optimization and scheduling

    Transport orders are optimized according to the driver’s route and transport equipment. The system efficiently combines and freight transport.

  • eSend Driver application

    With the eSend Driver application, the driver receives and manages transport orders.

  • Automated ordering system for your customers

    An easy and fast way to place transportation orders. Information is transferred in real-time and is always available. Using the service does not obligate your customer to use separate agreements.

eSend Driver -sovellus

eSend Driver on helppokäyttöinen sovellus kuljettajille. Sovellus toimii muiden järjestelmien taustalla ja ohjaa kuljettajaa reaaliajassa kuljetuksen jokaisessa vaiheessa.

Sovellus laskee reitin automaattisesti ja kommunikoi kuljetuksen tilaajan, kuljettajan sekä kuljetuksen vastaanottajan kanssa.

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eSend Transport Manager™ Software Features

Express deliveries

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your customers express deliveries. Express deliveries will automatically appear in your system based on the location of the transportation need.

Driver application

The application assists the driver during delivery and makes the delivery process as smooth as possible.

Uninterrupted tracking

Continuous and real-time monitoring of transportation.

Customer experience

Create a clear customer experience under one brand.


Sales invoices directly from the system.

Route optimization

The system optimizes routes and transports automatically in real-time. No manual actions required.

Intelligent monitoring

Leverage complete visibility and transparency.

Seamless integration

Easily integrates with existing financial management and CRM software.